domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008


4 EQUIPOS, 2 PARTIDOS POR DIA DURANTE 3 DIAS entre el 26 a 28 de Junio de este año 2008.
El 1erTorneo Internacional de Polo Femenino, fue un verdadero evento deportivo en un cuadro idílico y un ambiente auténtico.
Los partidos fueron de una duración de 3 chuckers de 7 minutos cada uno.

Los equipos fueron:
- AS Décor
Virginia Gerard (Ecosse)
Sandrine Gontier (FRA)
Alex Kingsley (GB)
Sally Marchal (GB)

- Queenie
Patricia Martingaste (ARG)
Emmanuelle Ougier (FRA)
Ann Rodger (ARG)
Olga Santos Alvarez (REP DOM)

- Sezz
Claudia Sorbac (COL)
Frederika Tellier (FRA)
Kelly Vielle (FRA)
Maria Pia Vogel (ARG)

- Vicomte Arthur
Nanne Braun (ARG)
Anne de Contades (FRA)
Charlotte Garaud (FRA)
Mery Gené (ARG)

La gran final fue muy pelada. Finalizó empatado en el tiempo suplementario y se tuvo que ir a los penales, dando una gran emoción en la clausura de este torneo.
Resultó ganador el equipo Queenie por 3 a 2 sobre AS Decor.
Mientras que Vicomte Arthur quedó en el tercer puesto sobre Sezz por 4 a 2.

Como premios destacados fueron mejor jugadora Ann Rodger, quien tambien compartió el premio de goleadora junto a Federika Tellier.


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claudia hodari dijo...

Gracias por dar le atenion a FEM Polo Mundial.
Por favor pensa en un blog sobre Polo 4 Peace - aqui hay informacion en ingles y tengo mucho mas si te interesa.


Sunday September 21st was declared by unanimous vote at the United Nations in 2001 as PEACE DAY. I only recently became aware of this fact after receiving the following 2 minute video link from J:

When I heard Jeremy ask " how are you going to be involved on Peace Day ? He suggests, among other ideas "... or organize a soccer match ..." I immediately thought lets PLAY POLO 4 PEACE.

What a wonderful way to unite the world's outstanding polo community for a noble cause ; an action that will help spread the word about the importance of the date; a way to show our appreciation and respect for PEACE; and as a bonus a vehicle to promote the sport of polo in a positive way.

If we all add a grain of salt..... so across various Internet sites I began to promote POLO 4 PEACE.

The idea was to: Please play Polo 4 Peace on Sunday September 21st, at your own polo club. The goal was to promote Peace and the date. We all remember September 11th, lets help the world learn and remember September 21st as official World Wide PEACE Day, until it becomes a tradition like February 14th.

I set out two months ago in an attempt to reach all the polo playing nations by Internet sites. looking for at least one volunteer, or Ambassador , in each nation to participate, in their own way , by Playing Polo 4 PEACE on September 21st.

Individuals in over 30 countries have contacted me , from Pakistan to England and Argentina to Malaysia polo players will be playing Polo 4 PEACE on September 21st.

FANTASTIC NEWS: Yesterday, on September 11th I was informed, by another woman polo player, that she was happy to confirm that "The Berliner Polo Club v. 1906 together with Polo Partner Berlin welcomes a delegation of Iraqi army players to a friendship chukka in Berlin - for Peace Day on September 20th and 21st. The target is, to build up a horse therapy center in Baghdad for amputated soldiers and civilians. "

BTW, another bonus fact is that both the FIP and IOC support Peace-Sport an International Organization ( with the objective of "inciting the international sporting community to act beyond its traditional operation field, and actively contribute to peace."

What will you do on September 21st for PEACE Day ?

Quoted an the annual forum:
"C'est un honneur pour moi de contribuer modestemnet a la cause de la paix et du sport"
He Zhenliang, Membre du CIO

My feelings today exactly.

Saludos from Argentina,


Anónimo dijo...
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